Event Management

Technology Conference

The Brief

Our tech client asked us to organise a 3 day event for 180 industry Sourcing Advisors and Analysts, to update them on our client’s organisation strategy moving forward.  This was a very important event for them as they hadn’t run this event for 4 years, and the attendees were high level influencers to our client’s target customers.  The event needed to create a memorable experience where our client  would stand out from their competitors.

The attendees were invited from throughout Europe, with some attending from India and the US.  From a delegate management perspective, the Donaldson Davis team were responsible for collating RSVP’s, confirming registrations, booking flights, distributing joining instructions, badges, speaker support and general delegate support.  We were also responsible for the onsite logistics.


Gothenburg and the Gothia Towers were chosen as the location to host this event due to the ‘story’ our client could tell the attendees, showcasing one of the biggest tech deals in Europe to date.


The client wanted to ensure that the attendees’ experience onsite was memorable and wanted to create this through use of the latest technology marrying with creative, consistent branding throughout the event.


We sourced a niche provider that could utilise long range RFID badges for the event.  The attendee’s badges ‘spoke’ to them via digital screens placed around the event space which had been pre-loaded with personal information.  As soon as an attendee was within 2 meters of a screen it would start to communicate with the attendee – adding an additional personal touch to the event experience and giving many delegates something they hadn’t seen before.

Rather than having the traditional printed branding placed around the venue, we had digital banners placed around the event space displaying different messages; videos and testimonials from clients.  We also created a Tech Demo area within the event where the client could showcase the latest in technology.

In the main plenary room the latest screen solution and projector technology were used, with 3 large screens being built along the length of the stage to achieve an almost panoramic effect.  The panels could then be used as 3 separate screens or one large screen depending on the presentation being displayed.

Services Provided

  • Venue sourcing
  • Delegate management
  • Full Event management pre and post event
  • Flights
  • Audio Visual and Digital branding production
  • Entertainment and Offsite dinner
  • Onsite logistics and ground management
  • Budget management