Venue Sourcing

Data Capture Solutions

The Brief

Our client, a growing digital data flow solutions provider, began investing in smaller, targeted marketing events to grow their client portfolio. They were confident in their presentations and content; however they couldn’t justify investing in a new staff member that could look after this growing area of their business marketing and they recognised that the existing marketing team may need support to ensure their events were a success and provided expected return on investment.

The Solution

It became apparent that our venue sourcing service would provide the right compromise for the client. They were able to benefit from our team’s combined experience whilst we consulted with them and provided guidance and advice about any ideas they had internally.

Our relationships with venues meant that we could collate proposals from them and provide them in a unified format to our client in a short space of time, which in turn allowed our client to draw a fair comparison between the services being offered and make an informed decision.

Services Provided

  • Venue sourcing