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Who are we?

Getting to know our clients, understanding their individual needs and the business reasons behind an event is fundamental part of our personality. We flex ourselves completely to fit around your requirements, delivering the specifics for your event and ensuring that we walk in step with you. Our personalisation goes right to the appreciation of every attendee, ensuring they have a memorable experience at your event which ultimately translates to a positive experience of your brand.

At Donaldson Davis our team undergo extensive, ongoing industry training to embrace the latest technology and trends, using this to find our clients the best solutions to make deeper connections with attendees at the event, creating a greater level of personalisation.

Dedication, knowledge, a strong work ethic and the ability to survive on minimal sleep whilst maintaining the energy of an endurance athlete(!) ensures the flawless execution for our clients.

Amazing events are created in the detail, through the thoughtful touches and going the extra mile. We apply this every day to ensure that your event isn’t just perfect to you, its perfect to our standards.

Our team is ready to help guide you to your most exceptional event experience


Brings to the team: Endless Kiwi positivity, years of travel and event experience, all with a smile.

Likes: Gumboots & champagne, occasionally together. Good vibes and sunshine.

Dislikes: The cold.

Founded the company in 2003.


Brings to the team: The best form of diplomacy & a huge smile. The walking embodiment of Keep Calm & Carry On.

Likes: Would be first out of the plane on a team skydive.

Dislikes:Her own weakness for anything sweet.