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We can offer as little or as much help as you need. Whether that’s simply finding you a great venue, or consulting on the whole event cycle. We integrate with your team to provide a wealth of services utilising our global network of relationships to secure you exceptional service, value for money and a memorable experience every time.

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What types of venues can Donaldson Davis book for you?

We operate on a global basis and we’re not limited to working with hotels, which means whether you need a convention center, palace, museum or restaurant; we can find the perfect fit for you.

Are you really a free service?

Our venue sourcing service is often free to clients as we’re able to claim commission from venues without affecting the rates we can secure for you. On occasion some venues won’t pay us commission so we might need to charge for our time but don’t worry, we’ll let you know about this in advance so there won’t be any surprises.

How did the company get started?

Donaldson Davis was founded by Sue Donaldson after having worked and trained at prestigious hotel schools in Australia. After joining a large agency and managing a venue sourcing team, Sue didn’t feel that the clients were getting the bespoke service that they needed. This inspired the idea of creating an agency that is perfectly equipped to handle large scale events, without losing sight of the small touches that make an event exceptional. 15 years later the agency is still working with our very first client.

What types of events does Donaldson Davis specialise in?

We don’t limit ourselves to a particular industry sector however we have substantial experience working with technology clients. We also work with organisations in insurance, retail and pharmaceutical sectors.

How early should you start planning an event?

As early as you can! We always advise clients that planning early will give you access to a wider choice of venues and suppliers to work with and can therefore yield more competitive rates. We know this isn’t always possible however, and have often organised events for over 200 people with several weeks’ notice rather than months. We often find that a client’s own internal processes can give us a good indication of when it’s ideal to start planning and we make sure that we understand these.

How far will you travel for an event?

Our team travels globally so there are no limits on where we can work. We often find that through our network of partners our travel costs can be kept to a minimum, enabling us to offer a really cost effective on-site management service.