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Lick me I’m Delicious

Welcome to the World of Delicious Incredibleness – providing experimental food installations to add something new and interactive at events – great for networking.  From liquid nitrogen ice cream to edible mist, instant logopops, edible bubbles or edible fragrance factory.  Sure to make your event a delicious success every time.

Eyecon Art

Have you ever looked closely at your own eye?  If you do, you will discover a fascinating galaxy of pattern and colour completely unique to you.  Using unique technology and bespoke camera adapters, skilled photographers capture an ultra-high resolution photograph of your eye.  With specialist image editing software the iris is then isolated and the detailed enhanced to create a stunning piece of art for you to keep.  The images also generate a huge amount of social media chatter as visitors share their eye photos online.  These images can also be branded.

Graffiti Media Wall

Spray Paint Wall is amazing and fun entertainment new activity
Each user will receive a print out of their artwork which can be branded
A Spray Paint Wall usher will deliver, set up and make sure guests have a really great experience using the wall